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Set reminder time and park even more relaxed.


Pay contactless directly in the car!


Stop looking for coins!

SEPP-Parking – the parking meter App.

Park without coins.

Zur Parkuhr laufen, war gestern.

Paying parking fees has never been so easy! The SEPP-Parking App turns your smartphone into a parking meter.

With SEPP-Parking, you simply don’t have to go to the parking machine. No estimation of the parking time and scrapping of money (coins), no typing in the car number and depositing of ticket in the car.

Ablauf eines SEPP-Parkvorgangs

How SEPP works
more details

Wo ist SEPP überall verfügbar?

Here you park with SEPP
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Parkplatzbewirtschaftung mit SEPP

Parking management
information for operators

Das SEPP-Team

SEPP head office
more about us

Parking space or location not found?

Set the location access to “always” in the settings.
More info can be found under use/functions at FAQs. Read now.

Download SEPP-Parking now.

Walking to the parking meter was yesterday! Download SEPP now and here we go.

Quick and easy installation:

  1. Download the App (Apple or Google Play-Store)
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter confirmation code
  4. Enter the means of payment
  5. Register vehicle
  6. Finished and ready for use

First time used in Klosters, because the column in front of the parking meter seemed too long to me.
Immediate download and use of the app worked well and saved me time. I was faster than queuing in the line....
Great job! I will recommend it to others! Thank you!

A customer in Klosters

I am really a happy with SEPP😊.
I like your app very much, it is clearly structured and easy to use. And it works – unlike some others.

Mrs Stebler from the Grisons

I'd like to congratulate you on your invention. For me, SEPP-Parking is a great and enjoyable thing in my daily life. Unfortunately, I am already 81 years old and may not be able to benefit from it for too long. One more reason to enjoy your invention almost every day.

Annalise Imboden, Ringgenberg

... I hope that SEPP will be a complete success and that many new locations will be added in the near future.

A customer from Steffisburg

... but that's what I call customer service, which is just as much fun as the ingenious APP.

A customer from Matten

Thank you very much, this is a great service!

A customer from Düdingen

I recently downloaded the SEPP App and was really thrilled!

A customer from Arosa

Why doesn't the SEPP also exist in Lucerne?

A visitor from Lucerne in Düdingen