Parkgebühren in der Lenzerheide bequem mit SEPP bezahlen.

Lenzerheide (GR)

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SEPP-Parking in Lenzerheide

SEPP-Parking is growing in Graubunden. Besides Klosters-Serneus, Arosa and Silvaplana, SEPP-Parking is now available in Lenzerheide. Pay your parking fees fast and easy with SEPP-Parking.

You don’t have to estimate how long your mountain tour is going to take. You start your parking session when you park and end your session when you return. The good thing is that you only pay what you park.

Parkgebühren in Silvaplana mit der SEPP-App bezahlen.

Silvaplana (GR)

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SEPP-Parking in Silvaplana

SEPP-Parking is growing. Besides Klosters-Serneus, Lenzerheide and Arosa, SEPP-Parking is now available in Silvaplana. Pay your parking fees fast and easy with SEPP-Parking.

Den Parkplatz am Feldschiessen mit SEPP bezahlen.

Swiss shooting event

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SEPP-Parking at the official Swiss shooting event.

SEPP-Parking installed a temporary parking lot for the Swiss shooting event in Duedingen and Gurmels.

The organizer only offered the smartphone parking payment option, so all participants and visitors were forced to use SEPP-Parking to pay their parking fees.

Just one Swipe and the parking fees were paid. The feedback was great, and the people loved the solution.

If you ever need a temporary parking solution for your event, SEPP-Parking is happy to help you. We are just one call away!

    In Meiringen können ab sofort die Parkplätze ganz einfach mit der SEPP-App bezahlt werden.

    Meiringen-Hasliberg (BE)

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    SEPP-Parking now in Meiringen-Hasliberg

    After Interlaken, Boenigen, Matten, Unterseen, Ringgenberg, Spiez and Steffisburg finally also Meiringen has decided to install the SEPP-Parking solution. All public parking can be paid via the SEPP-Parking App.

    Beside public parking, the big parking lots Reuti and Twing at the mountain railway stations Meiringen-Hasliberg offer the SEPP-Parking App as a payment option. Enjoy your hiking tour or skiing for as long as you want – just “Swipe-In” when you park and “Swipe-Out” before you leave. No pre-assumption or time extension needed. SEPP-Parking has fair pricing, you only pay the effective parking time.

    newspaper article “Gemeinde führt Parkuhr-App ein.” (Jungfrau Zeitung, 15.05.2018)

    Jetzt bequem mit der SEPP-App die Parkgebühren bezahlen.

    Ballenberg (BE)

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    SEPP-Parking @ Ballenberg

    Now, SEPP-Parking is available at Ballenberg, the swiss open-air museum. Visitors can pay their parking fees with their smartphone.

    It’s never been so easy! Park your car, use SEPP-Parking to check-in your parking session, enjoy the wonderful museum, check-out and drive away.

    The maximum daily rate is 5 francs. The first hour is 1 franc as well as the following hours until you have reached the maximum daily rate.

    Enjoy your stay at Ballenberg, the swiss open air museum.

    Den Parkplatz mit der Parkuhr-App SEPP bezahlen. Ganz einfach, minutengenau und bargeldlos.

    Steffisburg (BE)

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    SEPP-Parking in Steffisburg.

    SEPP-Parking is now available in Steffisburg. Steffisburg is another municipality, which provides this innovative parking payment solution to its customers. All of the 16’000 inhabitants and also visitors could use the SEPP-Parking App for all public parking spaces within the municipality.

    Park your car, then just 1-click to check-in with the SEPP-Parking app and you are ready to go shopping. No pre-assumption of time and no entering of a parking space number necessary anymore. Before you leave the parking space, check-out and you are ready to drive away. The effective parking time will be charged to your credit card. 15 minutes before the maximum parking time allowance is reached, you will get a push notification on your smartphone.

    That is parking the easiest and convenient way!

    Den Parkplatz mit der Parkuhr-App SEPP bezahlen. Ganz einfach, minutengenau und bargeldlos.

    Ringgenberg (BE)

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    SEPP-Parking in Ringgenberg.

    No more looking for coins to pay your parking fees in Ringgenberg/BE. SEPP-Parking is your parking meter on the smartphone.

    Use the SEPP-Parking App to pay your fee on all public parking spaces at the county at lake Brienz. That is the customer-friendly and easy way to park, and you are paying only the time used, no time pre-assumption when you arrive.

    Ringgenberg is following Interlaken, Matten, and Unterseen because the end-users and the parking authority are very satisfied with the solution.

    SEPP-App – Parken einfach bezahlt in Leukerbad (VS)

    Leukerbad (VS)

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    SEPP-Parking in Leukerbad.

    No more looking for coins to pay your parking fees in Leukerbad/VS.

    The county in the alp of Valais is now also offering the smartphone SEPP-Parking App to pay the parking fees.

    Leukerbad is the first county in the canton of Valais, which allows their customers to use this innovative solution.