Download SEPP-Parking for free.

SEPP the parking meter app is available for iOS (Apple Store) or for Android (Google Play). Download, install and register now.

Quick and easy installation:

  1. Download the App (Apple or Google Play-Store)
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter confirmation code
  4. Enter the means of payment
  5. Register vehicle
  6. Finished and ready for use

SEPP in 3 Steps.

Once tested, you never want to walk to the parking meter again. Try it out, it couldn’t be easier!

1. Check-in upon arrival

Open the SEPP app, view parking information and move the slider to check in.

2. Check-out on return

Back to the car, open the SEPP app and move the slider to check out.

3. Billing per minute

The parking costs are immediately visible and are settled on the deposited means of payment.

Questions about SEPP?

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions at FAQs.