FAQs / Frequently asked questions for SEPP-Users

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about the SEPP Parking App. If your question is not answered here, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Registration / first steps

Where can I download the SEPP-Parking App?

In the Google Play- and App-Store.

On which devices does the SEPP app work?

SEPP works on the Android operating systems (from version 5.0) and iOS (from version 9.0).

What does the SEPP app cost?

The SEPP app is free of charge.

How does the registration work?

The registration takes place without personal data via telephone number and verification code, which is sent via SMS. After that, enter your payment method, accept the terms and conditions and SEPP is ready to use.

Can I uninstall the app?

Yes, at any time. A new installation and use of the app requires a new registration.

Do I have to open an additional account?


Can I use SEPP-Parking without a smartphone?

No, you need a smartphone.

How can I rectify incorrect information?

The car number, the vehicle and the payment method can be changed or supplemented in the app at any time.

How many car license plates can I deposit?

Up to 20 license plates can be stored.

Is there a difference between private and business users?

No, there is no difference. The parking fees are the same for everyone.

Use / Functions

How do I start and end a parking session?

The app determines the location via geolocalization. If the car park operator at your location supports the SEPP app, a parking session can be started or ended simply by “check in”.

When the time runs out, can I extend the parking session?

No, you can always (only) use the maximum parking time. 15 minutes before the maximum parking time expires, a push message is sent to your smartphone. Otherwise, the parking session will continue until you “swipe” to end the session.

Where can I see the parking fees?

The parking fees for the current location are shown in the app. As soon as the app is opened and an active parking field is available, the fee information will be displayed.

What happens if I run out of battery when I return to my car?

The availability of the device is up to the user. In the worst case, the maximum parking time is calculated.

How is the parking fee billed?

The effective parking time is billed locally according to the pricing model and debited to the payment method stored in the app.

Does SEPP also work without a mobile connection (Internet)?

No, SEPP needs a mobile connection.

How does the SEPP app recognize where I park?

SEPP locates the location via the geolocation of the smartphone.

Where can I use the SEPP app everywhere?

Wherever the parking provider supports SEPP. This is indicated clearly and unambiguously on site (parking meters, signs, etc.). Pay attention to the yellow SEPP stickers.

How long can I track my history?

The history is available as long as the app is installed on the smartphone.

Can I also delete the history?


Can I turn off push messages?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

Is there a receipt for the expense report?

You can select and export parking receipts under History on the SEPP app. Thus you have a receipt for the expense report for business use or your accounting.

Do I still have to deposit anything if I have a parking permit?

No, the parking permit is stored digitally. There is no need to deposit anything behind the windscreen.

Payment methods

What happens if my credit card is no longer valid?

The payment process can then not be started with the credit card. First, the information must be updated.

Which payment methods are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa Card and Postcard.

How many payment methods can I select or how many can I deposit between the payment methods?

Only one valid means of payment can be saved.


Do you store data?

No, no data is recorded or stored.

Is the credit card information secure?

Yes, SEPP only works with alias tokens and the card information is not visible to SEPP. All data is transmitted in encrypted form.

Is data passed on or used for other purposes?


Where and for how long are parking procedures stored?

In accordance with legal requirements, SEPP stores the necessary documents securely in Switzerland.

How can I delete my registration?

By deleting the App.