SEPP-Parking – The digital parking meter.

Simply manage parking spaces.

Zur Parkuhr laufen, war gestern.

No investment costs

Expensive purchases of parking meters, drawing in of new markings or changes of signage are not necessary with SEPP.

Simple introduction

The setup is carried out completely by SEPP. Complicated processes or long lead times, we are not familiar with.

Integrateble anywhere

SEPP can be integrated into any existing parking management system – even if another system already exists.

Individual needs

Digital parking cards for daily, weekly or annual parking spaces or temporary parking spaces for special events can also be done with SEPP parking.

added values

Your parking customers will appreciate not only the additional option of paying with their smartphone, but also all the other benefits they get with SEPP.

The fact that the introduction was associated with practically no initial and large project costs, made the political commitment much easier.

Mr Bühlmann, Interlaken

Only through such innovative ideas can we, as a parking lot operator, make it easier for car park users to pay parking fees. Keep up the good work!

Mr Trachsel, Steffisburg

The obtained reference at another location where the SEPP app is already activated, was very convincing for us for the introduction.

Mr Buschor, Arosa

The usability is simple, simple and plausible.

Mr Thommen, Silvaplana

The price-performance ratio stands out clearly. Generally very simple handling. The product is the market leader in the Bernese Oberland.

A municipality

SEPP-Parking services.

SEPP-Parking for parking operators
  • Consulting and implementation
  • Customized solution for your parking spaces
  • Control App
  • Account management and collection of fees
  • Evaluations and statistics
  • Digital parking tickets / parking permits (day/month/year)
  • Maintenance and further development of applications/systems
  • Customer service for users, car park operators and control authorities)

SEPP-Parking – 100% Swiss engineered.

Safety is our top priority. The SEPP-Parking platform is operated and hosted in Switzerland by a highly professional data center. User administration is managed only by trained personnel only.

The SEPP-Parking system is managed and administered within the framework of the Federal Data Protection Act (DSG).

SEPP ist 100 schweizerisch

Your advantages with SEPP-Parking.

  • no investment costs
  • setup by SEPP
  • greater acceptance for paid parking
  • no maintenance costs (repair, paper, coin processing, cleaning, numbering etc)
  • no expensive updates/programming
  • easy and safe control
  • individual evaluations and statistics
  • expandable (e.g. sending and collecting buses directly)
  • 100% engineered in Switzerland


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