Privacy policy


In accordance with the Federal Law on data protection («LPD» or «Law»), every user has the right to protection of their privacy and personal data against misuse. We respect these provisions. Personal data are treated confidentially and are neither sold nor passed on to unhautorized third parties.

In close cooperation with our Hosting Provider, we strive to protect the databases as much as possible against unauthorised access, loss, misuse or falsification.

By using SEPP, the user agrees that the data he provides may be saved and processed by SEPP Parking for the lawful fulfilment of the contractual relationship or based any other legal basis as provided for in the Law.  The data processed by SEPP includes telephone number, number plate and geolocation data (see below for more information about this data).  These data will be handled confidentially by SEPP Parking exclusively for the purposes of the SEPP Parking functions as set out in this Privacy Policy and will not be shared with unauthorized third parties. For the proper billing for the parking fees with the corresponding parking operator, the operator may have access to the following types of data:

  • License plate of the registered vehicle
  • All information regarding the parking processes completed at the parking facility of the relevant operator

SEPP Parking undertakes to comply with all requirements of the Law. The user explicitly agrees that the data needed for collection purposes may be shared with creditor protection associations, banks and lawyers.


When you register, SEPP asks you to activate the geolocation service in order to share your location (i.e. GPS coordinates), in order for SEPP to provide you with the best service possible. We use your location data to (i) provide you with the SEPP service, i.e. offer you a nearby parking session and provide you with your parking session information (ii) if you enable the “Check-out hints” option, with your consent, we will send you notifications reminding you to check out from your ongoing parking session when you are nearby your parking location. You can enable and disable the check-out hints option by going to the application settings.