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SEPP and PayByPhone cities

With the acquisition of SEPP by PayByPhone, the 2 applications of the same name are now partners. The press speaks. 

Park easily in 110 cities in Switzerland using either of the applications! In these cities, parking can be paid easily and without coins.

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Coming soon…

The following counties and municipalities are starting shortly with SEPP-Parking.

Mit SEPP wird das Smartphone zur Parkuhr.
  • Hallwil (AG)
  • Bönigen (BE)
  • Entlebuch (LU)
  • Your municipality
  • ….

Download SEPP-Parking now.

Walking to the parking meter was yesterday! Download SEPP now and here we go.

Quick and easy installation:

  1. Download the App (Apple or Google Play-Store)
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Enter confirmation code
  4. Enter the means of payment
  5. Register vehicle
  6. Finished and ready for use